Enterprise Hosting

We designed enterprise hosting for large scale websites. We offer All in one solutions for Enterprise Hosting from Bangladesh & USA own Datacenters.

Enterprise hosting for large scale websites

We offers enterprise hosting for large scale websites and all in one solutions included Six-Layer Security, Advanced Firewall & Servers Security, DoS & DDoS Protection, PAM brute-force attack protection, Next-generation intrusion detection and prevention system, Malware, Malicious, Phishing scripts detection & Automatic cleanup.

Please contact us at +880 181-400-4202 (BD) | +1 703-666-8787 (USA) | [email protected] for price questions with details as follows:

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PeopleNTech DNS Datacenters

We offer All in one solutions for enterprise hosting.

  • Pure-SSD Storages

    Has Up to 64 TB (Terabytes) Pure- SSD Storages per server.

  • Fully Managed

    Offers managed IT support, security, strategy development and consulting services.

  • Network

    10 Gbps Networks, 860 TB (Terabytes) data transfer & receives capacity in 24 hours

  • Performance

    Optimized web servers, own Datacenter in Bangladesh, connected 10Gbps network with BDiX, ping latency 1ms-10ms.

  • Hardware

    Next-Generation processors up to 112 cores and 3TB (Terabytes) RAMs per server.

  • HTTP/2, QUIC, HTTP/3

    Reliable support for new technologies before anyone else.

  • Event Driven Architecture

    Fewer processes, less overhead, and enormous scalability.

  • Cutting-Edge HTTP/3 Support

    Most up-to-date, best performing HTTP/3 implementation.

  • Apache Drop-in Replacement

    Reads Apache config files directly, supports .htaccess, WAF.

  • Asynchronous ModSecurity

    Processes popular ModSecurity rulesets with maximum efficiency.

  • Unlimited Connections

    Features support for unlimited concurrent connections.

  • LSCache Engine with ESI

    Advanced server-level cache with hole-punching through ESI.

  • HA for Redis Dynamic vHost

    High Availability for Redis dynamic virtual hosts.

  • HTTPS / TLSv1.3 Certificate

    Certificate compression, reduced handshake exchange data size.

  • HTTPS / HTTP/2 Performance

    Unbeatable HTTPS performance with TLS-record-level optimization.

  • SSL Handshake Offloading

    Offloading to avoid clogging server main event loop.

  • Server-Level reCAPTCHA

    Defends against Layer-7 DDoS attacks of any size.

  • Ruby / Python / NodeJS

    Support for Ruby, Python, and NodeJS apps in Native configuration.

  • Zero-Downtime Maintenance

    Allows graceful restart and software update with zero downtime.

  • Fastest PHP Available

    LSPHP with suEXEC outperforms PHP-FPM in every way.

  • Ruby + Python App Server

    Instant performance boost with LSAPI for Ruby and Python.

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